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The Tanto is one of my most versatile designs when it comes to both wave conditions and tail type / fin configuration. Thumb tail, swallow, squash, twin, thruster, quad, single fin it all goes. The Tanto has a pretty fishy rocker paired with modern rails and foam flow taking elements from both past and present to make a board that paddles and glides through flat sections like a fish but can still lay it down when the waves provide the opportunity.  Order 2-3" shorter and 1/2 - 1 1/2" wider than your standard shortboard and you'll have a board you can ride on any day waist high to overhead. 

Bottom: Flat to V out the tail

Rails: Medium Step rail

Rocker: Medium/Low entry to lower out the tail

Waves: Waist to Overhead

Fins: Single, Twin, Twin+trailer, Thruster, Quad, Five fin everything

Tail: Round pin, squash, swallow

Dims to order: Depending on what you're after the Tanto can be ordered in a variety of dims. Go longer for something that feels good in bigger surf or order short and wide to create a small wave destroyer. Fill out a contact form and lets find the board perfect for you!

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